The John Wesley Community Centre (JWCC) is a registered Non-profit and Public Benefit Organisation that offers numerous activities that caters for the needs of the surrounding district of Etwatwa.

As HIV/ AIDS is so prominent in today’s society the Centres main purpose is to care for those infected and affected by the disease, especially children.

These children are classified as vulnerable children as they mostly live in impoverished areas and are either orphaned or are directly affected by HIV/AIDS. 

The heart of the John Wesley Community Centre is the HIV/ÁIDS Orphans Project and this underlies almost all of our planning and activities. The vulnerable children are a priority and we have developed many programmes in hope to empower them, such as a pre-school, an after-school care agenda and educational and cultural activities.

The centre also acts as a network amongst community civilians and the police, the local hospitals, local social services (such as counselling facilities) and governmental administrational duties (such as obtaining ID’s).




John Wesley Community Centre offers numerous projects to and for the community.

For more information on the individual projects, please see below:



John Wesley Community Centre is a charitable non-profitmaking organization whose main goal and purpose is to respond to the challenges facing our country and her people brought about by the impact of HIV/AIDS and high unemployment rate. Our project has been in operation for 24 years servicing the impoverished community of Etwatwa. We believe that education and training is one of the cornerstones of such a foundation. Whether formal or informal the essence of education should be empowerment that liberates the mind and give wings to ideas to soar beyond the known and defy the norms and stereotypes. We have over the years provided a range of services to our clients both young and old transforming their social behaviour and assisting them in taking ownership of their lives. We always endeavour to create an environment which promotes legitimate change through active, real participation among our staff and clients in order to achieve our goals.  


We reach out to the orphans and vulnerable children through a range of structured programmes that stimulates creativity and expose our beneficiaries and staff to intercultural experiences and events. A group of 25 youngsters have already been exposed to national and international educational experience through marimba and gymnastic tournament. Our marimba band have already toured London twice and won a number of categories of the International Marimba Steel Pan Festival. We reach out to the children in our community through after school programmes offering art, chess, reading-spell it, computer, marimba band, homework assistance and Saturday school English and Mathematics tutoring. Companies and individuals are encouraged to offer financial resources, time, material and equipment to help in programme implementation.   


John Wesley implements a project evaluation to ensure compliance and client satisfaction at all levels of every programmes we engage in. We maintain a professional working relationship at all times with all beneficiaries, funders, donors and individuals who have the interest of the project at heart. We deal with our sponsors and funders in a spirit of openness and transparency. We never knowingly perform an assignment which damages our organization and sponsors, we behave in a manner that supports the program of change in South Africa and simultaneously deliver objectively free from internal bias or influence. We plead with companies, individuals and groups to please partner with us by supporting a good course, select and support a programme of your choice.




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Mampho Mbete

Project Manager – Centre

Cell: 073 040 0680

Salindile Twala

Principal – Pre-School

Cell: 076 057 1073



Courtney Klinkert

Fundraising Coordinator

Cell: 072 384 7657


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