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About 4yrs ago JWCC entered into a partnership agreement with Chess Kids Academy (SA) to introduce the programmes to our centre. Chess SA’s objectives to enhance literacy and improve mathematical skills to the vulnerable children in Etwatwa. Chess Kids SA provided us with a master trainer to support coaches at JWCC and also provided training for the spell it coaches. We used to provide monthly reports on programmes and the successes that have been done. Due to lack of funds we are still experiencing some difficulties in having to compete but Rotary has been very supportive since beginning of the programme.

Our Chess team has participated in numerous handsomely competitions and winning. Most of the children who play chess have improved a lot on their maths and have been excelling ever since. The kids gained a lot from competing on various competitions which were arranged by the Chess SA.

Our Spell it team has done a very impressive job throughout. Ever since the programme started our team has always made it to the Ned bank Sandton Spell It Finals and not just being there but in the last two years we have been on the top ten and this shows that we are moving in to the top. The literacy skills of our children have improved tremendously.

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